Welcome, and thank you so much for booking with us!


You will receive your keyless entry code and other helpful information, via both an email and a text message from Tess, a few days prior to your arrival.  If you booked through Airbnb or Flipkey/Trip Advisor, I will contact you via that site, to obtain your actual email address and cell phone number.  Please be sure you provide that information!  





MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY - The condo comfortably sleeps 4 people in beds; maximum occupancy is 6 with use of pull-out couch in living room.  The only acception to this rule is if you are bringing an infant, and providing your own baby bed.  If you need to accommodate more than 6 people, feel free to ask at the time of booking for alternative suggestions.  


LOCATION & PARKING - The physical address of the condo is: 6504 N. US Highway 23, #33, Oscoda, MI  48750.  Park either right in front of the condo next to our deck, or across from the deck on the other side of our road; pulling onto the grass a little there is no problem.


CHECK-IN time is 3pm; CHECK-OUT time is 11am.  Other times need to be discussed with us in advance.


ENTRY is via the keyless entry system on front door handle (not old lockbox).  The code will be given to you a few days prior to your arrival.  In case of lock-out, please contact us immediately.

CONDITIONS - The condo will be in clean & working condition at the time of your arrival.  Guests should be aware that our condo is built on sand, sits on a sandy beach, and is dog and family friendly.  The buildings at Surfside are all sprayed monthly for bugs, and our housekeeping staff do their best to maintain our property.  However, if you are the type of guest who is looking for perfection, and would consider it a crisis if you find a bug inside, you should book elsewhere.  No compensations will be given for non-working items outside our control, including but not limited to power outages, cable TV or internet outages, appliance failure, etc.  For items within our control, we will make every attempt to rectify problems immediately.  It is the guests’ responsibility to notify us immediately if there are any problems.  No refunds or any other compensation will be given for problems that we are able to rectify within a reasonable time frame.
SMOKING is NOT permitted in the condo.  There’s an ashtray outside for your convenience.


ACCESSIBILITY - There is one step up to get on our deck, to come in the front door. Otherwise, the condo is all on one level.  The bathroom will allow a wheelchair to enter, but will not allow enough room for the door to close. You have to step over the side of the tub to enter the tub/shower.  The back door off the kitchen has two shallow steps to enter.



- QUIET TIME is 11pm to 8am.  Please observe this rule for the comfort of other guests and owners;

- No glass on the beach;

- Clean-up after your pets;

- No pitched tents on property;

- No parked campers or RV’s on property;

- Fireworks and firearms are not permitted on the property.

CHILDREN - While we welcome children of all ages, our condo is not child-proof.  Parents have full and sole responsibility to monitor and safeguard their children while at the condo.


DOGS - Dogs welcome with our prior approval, and no additional charge.  Dogs need to be leashed outside on the Surfside property at all times.  Guests are responsible to clean up after their dogs, please!  Guests are responsible to assure their dogs do not disturb other guests or owners in any way.  You may leave your dog in the condo when you are not there, provided you are certain your dog will not bark excessively or damage anything while he/she is alone.  We assume no responsibility for illness or injury that may occur to dogs while on the premises.  


VISITORS - People other than those in the guest party, arranged with owners at time of booking, may not stay overnight in the condo.  Any visitors of guests in the condo become the sole responsibility of the guests.


AIR CONDITIONING - There is a wall air conditioning unit between the kitchen & living room, and it cools those areas very well.  However, the air does not reach the bedrooms well. There are 4 fans, for positioning anyway/anywhere you need them.  If the weather is very hot, we have learned that we are able to keep the condo quite comfortable by keeping all windows & doors closed, and the air & fans all running.HOUSEKEEPING - no daily housekeeping.  There are enough linens for each guest per stay, and sheets for all beds.  Limited paper & cleaning products are provided to get you started. WE DO NOT PROVIDE BEACH TOWELS!  However, we do not provide any of these things if you are booking in the “Off Season”.


OTHER INFORMATION such as equipment operations, TV channels, instructions are located in our guest information book in condo.


TRASH - Please keep your garbage under control.  If garbage is overflowing the kitchen bag, remove it to the dumpster.  Additional garbage bags are provided for this purpose.  Do not leave garbage bags outside of the condo - the area is rich with wildlife!  The dumpster is located in the center of the complex near US-23.  If locked, the combo is 1225; if you found it locked, please lock again.


DAMAGES - Charges will be billed to your credit card or held from your security deposit for the following:

- damages to the condo or contents;

- damage to toilet or septic system from flushing anything other than toilet paper;

- theft of condo contents;

- debris, rubbish or discards left in condo, on our deck or patio;

- smoking inside condo;

- violations of resort rules that incur fines or penalties.


EQUIPMENT/APPLIANCES - Only use equipment and appliances for their intended uses.

-    no charcoal in gas grill;

-    fires permitted only in shared fire pits on beach;

-    use jetted tub at your own risk;

-    do not use bubbles in jetted tub which will overflow - use bath salts only;

-    operate jets in tub only when water fills to top of jets;

-    fireplace is gas operated, and becomes very hot to touch when in use, so take care!

-    septic system in use - nothing but toilet paper in toilet;

-    septic system in use - no garbage disposal - please protect kitchen drain from debris.


ON-SITE MANAGEMENT - Please be respectful of our on-site caretaker Paul Hodgdon, and our housekeeping staff, who do an excellent job of watching over our property!


REPAIR/MAINTENANCE PERSONS - In the event of a maintenance emergency within the condo, guests agree to permit possible access to condo during their stay, to necessary repair or maintenance persons, as discussed and instructed by us.  


DEPARTURE CHECK-LIST - When you end your stay with us, we ask you do the following:

-    load any dirty dishes into the dishwasher and let it run OR leave clean dishes in dry rack;

-    remove any garbage from the condo, as described above;

-    place dirty towels in tub - stripping of beds is not necessary;

-    if used, turn AC unit and any fans off;

-    if used, turn thermostat down to 55 degrees;

-    double check for your own personal belongings!

-    close & lock all windows & doors.


LIABILITY - This property is privately owned; the owners are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities.  The owners are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guests.  By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises.

Privacy Policy